Battle Shots V2 Drinking Game For Parties


Exchanging shots with your opponent in the hope of sinking one or two has never been quite so literal as with this fun filled (and potentially messy!) twist on a classic. With Battle Shots, each player takes their turn to hit their opponents ship, and with each successful strike, it's not just the ship that gets sunk! When hit, the shot glass must be downed, meaning as the battle wears on hardy sea legs are required as well as a steady nerve. Battle Shots comes with two sets of printed plastic shot glasses, dry wipeable game boards and two dry wipe pens, so you'll have everything you need for an epic high spirits battle on the high seas. A great gift for students and flatmates, or a fun party game to get things started, Battle Shots adds a grown up spin to a children's classic. Just fill up the shot glasses with your chosen poison, then sink each one in turn until there's only one competitor left standing!

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